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You may enroll your student(s) online from home. Alternatively, you may enroll on campus at the Jr/Sr High School building in the fall, where computers and tech support will be available to assist you with enrollment. If you chose to enroll from home, please follow the directions on this page.  If you require tech support using SchoolMint their support phone number is (855) 957-3535.


If your student lives outside of Oxford School District’s boundaries, please fill out the 'Save A Seat Application' before enrolling your student using SchoolMint. All non-residents of the Oxford USD 358 District’s boundaries will need to be approved and their application re-evaluated on an annual basis.



Those wishing to enroll their student into our virtual school program must fill out the 'Save A Seat Application' before enrolling the student using SchoolMint. Availability is limited. Please complete the 'Save A Seat Application' for each student you would like considered for acceptance in our Virtual School program.



Information to have available

Some information is required to complete enrollment. Please have this information available before you begin: household parent/guardian full contact info, emergency contacts, health provider info, allergy info, health condition info, prescription medication info, immunization record (if new to district), and birth certificate (if new).

Is your family new to USD 358?

If you’re new to our school district please view the following video

This will assist you in creating a SchoolMint parent account and begin your enrollment.

To Re-enroll your student

To re-enroll your student(s) simply follow one of the sets of directions below.

Option 1: Re-Enroll from the SchoolMint Portal:

  1. Log in to your SchoolMint parent account at

  2. Use your phone number or email address and password you used to create your SchoolMint parent account last school year.

  3. All children associated with your account will be loaded and you can begin filling out your forms by clicking on the Re-Enroll button.

Option 2: Re-Enroll from PowerSchool Parent Portal:

  1. Log in to your PowerSchool parent portal account at

  2. On the left-hand menu bar, you will see a button labeled SchoolMint Enrollment

  3. Click on this button, you will be automatically directed to the SchoolMint Student Dashboard.

  4. All children associated with your PowerSchool account will be loaded into your account and you can begin filling out your forms by clicking on the Re-Enroll button.

Option 3: Mobile App for Apple / Android Tablets or Phones:

  • The steps to use the mobile app are similar to option 1 above.

  • You can find the SchoolMint mobile app in the Apple or Google Play stores.

While using SchoolMint be sure to save your progress as you go! Click Save and Continue to save and exit. You can always click on Continue to start back up again.

PLEASE NOTE: Once you have filled out all of your required info, please click on Submit to send your info to the school.


SchoolMint Tech Support: (855) 957-3535