Oxford USD 358 Wellness Committee

If you have questions or would like to be a member of the district wellness committee contact:

Chair: Kyle Westerman

Co-Chair: Casi Short

Food Service Director

Paige Coffey

Food Service Secretary

Kristina Houser

We are excited to continue our partnership with Opaa! in making Oxford not only the best in student education but also tastefully meeting the nutritional needs of our kids. Opaa has tailored a child nutrition program that meets our local community’s needs, incorporating locally grown farm-fresh fruits and vegetables, and scratch cooking. Opaa assures a variety of fresh, safe, and nutritious choices to support a healthy learning environment.

Daily each student is given an option between two or three meal choices. Additionally, separate a la carte food & drink items are available each day for purchase. Simply put, if the food doesn’t appeal to a kid, they will not eat it. Our team of food service specialists provides students with healthy meals, without sacrificing flavor.

Our food service staff encourages the feedback of our student body through ongoing surveys. These surveys give students the ability to rate current menu items, as well as suggest new menu items.