Oxford Online Virtual School


We respect families’ decisions to homeschool their children. Even though we do not serve these students on a daily basis within the walls of our buildings, we still have a desire to help support their learning in any way we can. That is why we are pleased to offer a customized online learning program through our district. In our blended virtual school, students can enroll at our schools, complete coursework at home, plus have access to extracurricular activities and classes with our on-campus students. The online coursework we have to offer is via Edgenuity and we offer their course offerings for grades 3-12.

Enrolling through our school, not only keeps funding in our community, but also provides your child with the opportunity to be a part of our sports teams, to participate in band, choir, art, etc., attend field trips and special functions with their grade level, collaborate on special classroom projects and more. Tutoring services are also available. Please contact us to learn more about this exciting opportunity for our children!

School Office: (620) 455-2410


Oxford, USD 358, is committed to building strong partnerships between our schools and not only our immediate community but also those surrounding us. Our challenge as a rural school district is to keep current on best educational practices, curriculum, and assessments. We, at Oxford, feel we do an exceptional job of this.

We offer Edgenuity curriculum. This online material can be customized to meet student needs. In addition, we encourage a blended learning format with opportunities for students to video conference their teacher and come to campus for visits in person.

Edgenuity Courseware Curriculum Spotlight: Mathematics Courses - Edgenuity’s math courses spark excitement for learning by engaging students in mathematical thinking and practice.

Edgenuity Courseware Curriculum Spotlight: Social Studies Courses - Edgenuity’s social studies courses promote critical thinking about the past, present, and future through engaging instruction and practice.

Edgenuity Courseware Curriculum Spotlight: English Language Arts Courses - Edgenuity’s ELA courses combine a diverse set of authentic texts with engaging instruction and practice to effectively build students’ literacy skills.

Edgenuity Courseware Curriculum Spotlight: Science Courses - Edgenuity’s Science courses bring scientific concepts to life through engaging instruction and practice.