After several  difficult conversations trying to decide how we best protect our students, families, and staff while trying to continue with basketball season ,the SCBL  discussed options while trying to keep kids as the focus of any decision.  Members agreed activities are good for kids, staying in school is good for kids, keeping family members out of the hospital is good for our families, and doing our part to reduce the spread of COVID by avoiding large gatherings is part of our responsibility. In addition information from the 5 county health departments, KDHE, and CDC was taken into consideration. As a result it was decided we would try to continue our season however; participants only will be allowed to attend events(Cheer, Pep Band, basketball teams, coaches, officials and game workers)spectators will have to watch via live stream for the remainder of the semester (December 19th).

The league will meet again at the end of December to review information again and evaluate the policy with the hopes we will be able to allow spectators, at the least senior families. All games will be live streamed on our Facebook page

As difficult as this may be, it gives our kids a chance to keep playing as long as possible while keeping their education as the focus- We need to stay in school. #wildcatstrong #family358